Therefore, TAKSAN is "A Reliable Partner for Quality".
TAKSAN NDT Company was established in 1994 under the Trade Act of Turkey and aimed to perform NDT services required by the industrial sectors in accordance with International standards and codes.

Just after foundation, TAKSAN had undertaken the radiographic Examination of Natural Gas Distribution Lines of IGDAŞ Company along with the CONTROL UNION Inspection Agency.

TAKSAN had given NDT services such as Radiography, Ultrasonic Test, Magnetic Particle Test, Dye Penetrant Test, Hardness Test, to Public Sector and Private Sector i.e. ERDEMİR, İGSAŞ, TÜPRAŞ, KORDSA; ENERJİSA, GAMA, PAKPAŞ, GEMONT, TOKAR, TRANSTÜRK KİMYA, GOODYEAR, MİMSAN, TOYOTASA, BABCOCK & WILCOX-GAMA AND ASA CONSTRUCTION.

TAKSAN's Technical Personnel are trained continuously during their employment in order to perform NDT inspections in accordance with the international codes and standards. Especially, TAKSAN's personnel are trained about the Radiation Safety for their and the public safety.

TAKSAN also gives service to industry such as, preparation of Quality Control Plans, Welding Procedures, Postweld Heat Treatment Procedures and Performing PQR and Welders Qualification Tests.

TAKSAN feels proud of its working performance since its establishment until today. TAKSAN had completed all undertaken projects in every hard working condition. Bad working and weather conditions cannot prevent TAKSAN's personnel doing their duties as stated in the International Codes and Standards.
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